Copy Your Own Exams

Exams created in BYU Learning Suite can be copied from one semester to the same semester or from a past semester to a future semester. Before exams can be copied, the setting to allow exams to be copied must be enabled.


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click Exams.


Step Two:

Select Setup from the Exams menu on the left side.


Step Three:

Select the Use BYU Learning Suite Exams radio button, if not already selected, and check the box next to Allow my exams to be copied.

Note: This is an all or nothing feature. If the Allow my exams to be copied box is checked, all exams you create in Learning Suite could be copied by another instructor.

Once an exam is allowed to be copied, it can be copied in two locations:

The Home tab

Step Four:

Click Setup from the navigation menu on the left side. Then select Copy.


Step Five:

The Copy page appears. Select Copy from my course.

Step Six:

Click the semester and course drop down menus to select which semester and course you want to copy exams from.

Note: To copy an exam from the course section you are currently in, follow the instructions about copying exams in the Exams tab.


Step Seven:

After the course has been chosen, select if you want to Add to or Replace current course materials and information.


Step Eight:

Check the box next to Exams in the What course materials and information should be copied? section. Click on the blue Exams text to expand the list and customize what exams will be copied and what category they will be copied to.

Note: Other course materials can also be copied at this time if you have allowed it.


Step Nine:

Click Copy Course.


A Copy Complete dialog window appears.


The Exams Tab

Step Four:

Click Exams on the menu bar.


Step Five:

The Exams List page appears. Exams can be copied in two ways in the Exams tab.

If you wish to copy an exam from the current semester and course you are in, click the Options [1] drop down menu next to the desired exam and select Copy [2].

The exam may take a few seconds to copy and a message will appear across the top of Learning Suite once the copy is complete.

The exam appears in the exam list with the same title and open and due dates as the original, but will not be published.


Step Five (Alternate):

If you wish to copy exams from a previous semester’s course, click Copy Existing Exam.


Step Six:

The Copy Exams page appears. Click the term, teaching area, course, and instructor drop down menus and select the desired options. Once you reach the Exam section, check the boxes next to the exams you want to copy [1] and click the Copy To drop down menu and select the category where the exams will be copied to [2]. Click Copy Exams [3].


Step Seven:

A Copy Complete dialog window appears. Click to either Copy More Exams or Go to Exam List.


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,