Course Home

BYU Learning Suite provides a course home for instructors that includes options to create announcements, assignments, manage course learning outcomes, send messages to students, adjust course settings, copy courses, and so forth.

After logging in to your Learning Suite course, you will automatically be on the course home page.

The Course Home menu, located on the left hand side of the screen, contains tools for instructors to customize their Learning Suite course.


Tool Description

The Course Dashboard displays the schedule of the upcoming two weeks of class and the five most current announcements for the course.

Learn more about the Course Dashboard by clicking here.


Using the Announcements tool, instructors can create announcements regarding readings, homework, exams, etc.

Learn more about Announcements by clicking here.


Using the Assignments tool, instructors can create an assignment or assignment category, dictate grading methods, and organize course assignments.

Learn more about Assignments by clicking here.

Learning Outcomes

Using the Learning Outcomes tool, instructors can view, add, or edit learning outcomes so that the students understand how the work in the course enables them to develop the knowledge and skills listed in the outcomes.

Learn more about Learning Outcomes by clicking here.


Using the Email tool, instructors can send emails to the students enrolled in the course and disable student-to-student messages.

Learn more about Email by clicking here.


Using the Setup tool, instructors can link their course to another website, copy or combine courses, allow the copying of their course, or import from Blackboard.

Learn more about Setup by clicking here.


Using the Users tool, instructors can add co-instructors or TAs, edit instructor/TA information, and display the students enrolled in the course.

Learn more about Users by clicking here.


Using the Groups tool, instructors can manage student groups that are used in Digital Dialog. Groups are also displayed in the course recipients section of the Email tool.

Learn more about Groups by clicking here.


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