Create a New Discussion

Instructors can create discussions in BYU Learning Suite through a tool called Digital Dialog.


Step One:

Enter your Learning Suite course and click on Digital Dialog.



Step Two:

Click +New Discussion.



Step Three:

A dialog window appears. Learning Suite provides instructors with several options to customize the discussion experience. Once you have created content for your discussion, click Save Discussion.



Option Description
Title [1] Type the discussion title in the Title field.
Folder [2]

Select a folder you would like to save your Digital Dialog discussion to. Folders may be useful when you have discussions about a similar topic.

Click here to learn how to create folders.

Recording [3] Click +Add attachment to attach a file to the discussion. You will need to attach files one at a time.
Attachments [4] Click +Add video or audio to attach a video or audio comment to the discussion.
Text [5]

Type your discussion content in the Text box. Use the Rich Content Editor to format the text.


Click here to learn more about the Rich Content Editor.

Participants [6] Select which individuals or groups can participate in the discussion by clicking the checkbox next to the individual names in the Individuals tab or next to the group names in the Groups tab.
Discussion Settings [7]

Create separate discussions for each student or group by clicking the Separate discussions with each student or group radio button.


Set the timing of the discussion by checking the Set open or close dates for this discussion checkbox.


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,