Create a New Page

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to create content for their course.


Step One:

Enter your Learning Suite course and click on Content.



Step Two:

Click +New Page located underneath the Content menu on the left side of the screen.



Step Three:

A dialog window will appear. Enter the title of the page in the Title text box [1]. Use the Parent Page drop down menu [2] to set what page will be the parent page.  Select [Main] if you want to create a first level page that will be directly located on the left sidebar. If you want to create a sub-page, choose the appropriate parent page. Click Create Page [3].

Note: Parent pages can have two levels of sub-pages (i.e., “children” and “grandchildren”) to assist with organization.



Step Four:

A new content page is created. To add content to the page, click inside the text box and begin typing [1]. A content page can contain multiple types of items. Content arranged either chronologically or by topic is especially intuitive and easy for students to use.

For example, a single content page may contain files that need to be read for class, text (such as questions prompts), images, videos and powerpoints. By grouping these items together students will be able to access them quickly and reference between them.



Step Five:

Click on Preview [1] to view how the content will appear when published.



Step Six:

To save the content page, click Save [1].

Note: By saving a content page, you are only saving your work. Students won’t be able to view the page until you publish the page.



Step Seven:

To publish the content page, click Publish. Student will not be able to view the content page unless it is published.



Step Eight:

Instructors can also choose to release content pages on a schedule. Click Schedule… [1].



Step Nine:

A dialog window will appear. Click on the Publish field [1]. A calendar will appear allowing the instructor to select a date to publish the content page. Set the time the page will be published [2].



Step Ten:

Instructors can also choose to hide content [1] on a certain date and time. Click Set Schedule to set the schedule.

Note: All publish or hide date times are Mountain Daylight/Standard Time, regardless of the user's location.



Step Eleven:

Instructors can view the status of the page underneath the Publish button [1].

Note: If a page is scheduled to be published, clicking the Publish button before the set date will override the scheduling and publish the page immediately.


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,