Grade an Attendance Assignment

BYU Learning Suite allows professors to create an attendance assignment type to be used throughout the semester to assign grades based on attendance. These assignments are viewed and graded in the Grader.

Note: It is recommended that Attendance assignments are scored by marking attendance in the Grader with the attendance grader, and not by manually entering scores on the BYU Grades Scores page. This allows Learning Suite to grade attendance in terms of days already makred, providing a more accurate current grade calculation in the overall score column of the Scores page and on the students' Assignments pages.

Step One:

Enter your Learning Suite course and select Assignments from the left navigation menu.

Step Two:

Locate the correct assignment and click the Score icon, located in the Scoring column.

Step Three (optional):

The Grader appears. All students appear in the gradebook by default. To score an individual student’s attendance, click the Select a student drop down menu and select the correct student. The gradebook will be filtered accordingly. Use the right and left arrows to switch between students.

Step Four:

The gradebook that appears has three options for grading attendance: attended, absent, and excused. The corresponding icons are as follows:




Student receives full credit for the day.


Student receives no credit for the day.


Student receives full credit for the day.

One of the three options can be selected for each student per day by selecting the correct icon for the correct student and day. In the example picture below, students one, two, and three were given marks of attended, absent, and excused, respectively, for the day of August 30th.

A running total of the number of attended, absent, and excused marks given are found at the bottom of each column.

Step Five:

To mark all students as attended, absent, or excused, select the corresponding icon in the Mark all as row for the desired day.

If desired, check the box next to Override to override any existing marks given for the day. Click Save.

Step Six:

If all students have been given a mark for a day, the column will automatically collapse. In the example below, the day 9-1 has been collapsed.

Select the double arrow icon to expand or collapse columns.

Step Seven:

If you are done grading attendance for a day you can close the day to remove it from the main view by clicking the “X” above the date.

To add a day back to the main view after it has been closed, select the day from the calendar in the left menu.

Step Eight:

You can choose to filter the main view by certain criteria by clicking the View drop down menu from the left menu and selecting an option.



All dates

Displays all class days during the semester. If days have been closed this view re-displays them.

All past unmarked

Displays any class day in the past if not all students have been given a mark.

All unmarked

Displays any class day during the semester if not all students have been given a mark.

All marked

Displays any class day during the semester if all students have been given a mark.

All future

Displays all future class periods in the main view.

All past

Displays all past class periods in the main view.


Does not display any days in the main view.



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