How do I import a column into my BYU Gradebook and what is a csv file?

You must first create an assignment for each column of data you want to import. After that is done, be sure to include in your CSV file an identifier column in each file you want to import into BYU Grades. The best identifier to use is the netid, since it is unique to each student.

CSV stands for "Comma Separated Values." It is a file format that is used to store data in a structured table. For example, you can create a CSV file in Excel and use it to import iClicker scores.



When would I use Export?

Use Export any time you need to transfer scores into a spreadsheet or other program. For example, if you use iClickers in your course, you will need to export the roster file. If you like to use special calculations that are not available through BYU Grades, you can export the scores so they can be recalculated using Excel or other software. You could then use the Import function to bring the recalculated scores back into another column in BYU Grades.

Note: Exporting will not take dropped scores, scores excluded from the final grade, category weights, or calculated columns into account. Only the basic scores are exported. However, once the scores are imported back into the gradebook, everything will calculate correctly, including weighting.


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