July 2015 Updates

Updates were made to BYU Learning Suite throughout the month of May.

Updated the Sexual Misconduct Policy

  • Learning Suite’s default “Sexual Harassment” policy included in the syllabus was updated to the new University “Sexual Misconduct” policy.

Loading Time Improved for Scores and Final Grades

  • The loading time for the Scores and Final Grades pages has been reduced, especially for classes that have a large number of assignments.

Box Added Around Assignment Scores

  • Boxes were implemented around the scores of assignments in the View Scores window. This makes it easier for instructors to know that the scores are adjustable within this window.

    • Click here for information on accessing and using the View Scores window.

Sort Functionality Added to Exam List Page

  • Exams on the Exam List page can now be sorted by title, open date, or close date. This is done by clicking the title header (i.e. Title, Available, or Close).

    • Click here for more information on the Exam List page.

Change to Learning Outcomes Tab

  • Co-instructors can now view Learning Outcomes created by the primary instructor in the Learning Outcomes page on Course Home.

    • Click here for more information on the Learning Outcomes tab.

Implemented Exam Statistics in Learning Suite for Testing Center Exams

  • Exam statistics for exams that were administered in the Testing Center are now available in Learning Suite.

    • Click here for more information on viewing exam statistics of Testing Center exams in Learning Suite.