March 2015 Updates

Updates were made to BYU Learning Suite throughout the month of March.


Final Grades Page Updated

  • A message was added to the Final Grades page informing instructors if they do not have an email address listed in AIM.

Update to Viewing Incorrect Answers in Exams

  • Previously when students would view exams, correct answers were green and incorrect answers were red, but both had check marks. Incorrect answers have been changed to display an “X”.

Hidden TA Messaging Disabled

  • Previously TAs could message hidden TAs through Learning Suite. This was changed, so that TAs can no longer message hidden TAs.

    • Click here for more information on Learning Suite messaging.

Update to Copying Functionalities

  • Instructors can now copy Digital Dialog discussions between courses and semesters.

  • Co-instructors were granted the same copying rights as primary instructors. In other words, co-instructors have access to copying courses they previously were denied access to.

  • TAs can now copy exams only from the same course that they are the TA for. This means that they could never copy an exam from a course that they are taking.

“Dropped” Added to Assignments Page

  • The word “dropped” was added to assignments that are dropped on the assignments page. This makes it easier for students to distinguish which assignments are dropped and which are not.

Copying Allowed from Communities

  • Instructors now have the ability to copy course material from Communities to regular courses.

Warning Added to Open Response Questions

  • A popup was added to open response questions that warns students when they go over the word limit.

Send-to-All Default Changed in Email

  • Previously in Learning Suite’s Email tab, all possible recipients were selected by default. This was changed to have nothing selected by default, as many instructors were sending emails to all of the courses they teach because it defaulted to have all selected.

Semester and Year Listed With Course Title

  • On the Course List page, the semester and year the user was enrolled in the courses are provided with the course titles.

Improvements Made to BYU Grades

  • Certain adjustments were made to make the BYU Grades Scores page more efficient.