Internal Messages was created to overcome the difficulties inherent in emails sent through BYU Learning Suite. It facilitates communication among instructors, TAs, and students and allows you access to all your course related messages in one location. Below are some important highlighted features in Internal Messages:


When you send a new message it creates a conversation between you and the other recipients that allows all participants to reply to each other. If you do not want the recipients to reply, check the Do not permit replies to the message checkbox.



Inbox View

The Inbox view displays a list of messages on the left and the selected message on the right. Messages are can be sorted by date, subject, sender, or course by clicking the link next to Sorted By [1]. A green dot indicates the message is unread [2].



Message Actions

Click on the Gear icon [1] to view the different actions you can perform with each message. Click Star to mark a conversation for follow-up, click Mark Unread to mark a conversation as read, and click Archive to move the conversation. Click Delete to delete a message.



Message Folders

Click the Inbox drop down menu to switch to the different folders available in Internal Messages. For example, if a message is deleted, it is moved to and can be viewed in the Deleted folder.



Semester View

Internal Messages defaults to show the current semester’s messages only. To switch to previous semester’s messages, click the blue semester drop down menu located in the top right corner and select the desired semester.



What is FERPA?

To paraphrase, The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects students' right to private educational records. FERPA protected information is defined as anything communicated from the school to a student that 1) pertains to that student and 2) is communicated by a system managed by the university. (for details go to  or see BYU's FERPA page).


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