Navigating BYU Learning Suite

Desktop/Laptop Viewing

BYU Learning Suite supports a tab-style navigation for students that makes switching between courses and Learning Suite tools easier.

All courses that students are enrolled in appear across the top of Learning Suite. Learning Suite tools are listed beneath the courses.

When navigating between courses, the course you are navigating to appears in the same Learning Suite tool you were in before switching courses. For example, if you are in the Grades page of one course and switch to a different course, you will continue to view the Grades page.

Note: Not all Learning Suite tools appear for each course. Instructors customize what tools they will use during course setup.


Previous or future semesters can be found by selecting the All Courses tab.


The Course List page appears. Current, Future, Past, or Community courses can be viewed by selecting the appropriate button.


Mobile and Tablet Viewing

BYU Learning Suite can be viewed on mobile and tablet devices. Students can use a variety of devices to take exams, view grades, and other information.

An app is not required, simply log into on your device. Learning Suite is responsive and automatically adjusts to the appropriate specifications for your device.

Note: While exams can be taken online, students should take them at their own discretion as it may make some questions, such as open response questions, difficult to answer.


Viewing Learning Suite on a phone may look similar to the picture below:


Switch between Learning Suite tools and courses by clicking the menu button and selecting the desired option.


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,