BYU Learning Suite: News and Feature Updates

BYU Learning Suite Timeline

Items in Development
Feature Expected Release*
Hot Spot Question Type Fall 2017
Digital Dialog Assignment Type Fall 2017
Adaptive Release (Learning Path) Spring 2018

*Timelines may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Monthly Updates

Learning Suite Fall 2017 Updates

The following are the major features in BYU Learning Suite that have been released over the past year:

  • Preferences

    • Student (more info)

    • Faculty (New Assignments: Default Time Deadline; Email Preferences: Select the email that Learning Suite uses to send you emails and notifications; iClicker; and more! More info)

August 2017 Updates

The updates to BYU Learning Suite in the month of August 2017 were the addition of an Attendance Assignment type, the ability to view student images on the Users and Scores pages, and the ability to select which email Learning Suite emails are sent to.

July 2017 Updates

The updates to BYU Learning Suite in the month of July 2017 were significant changes to the Exam creation process, the addition of a Question Bank, new Exam question types, password protection for exams, batch edit of assignments, and a copy assignment button.