Results Tab

The Results tab provides basic exam statistics, a summary of students’ exam scores and attempts, and the option to reset the exam for specific students.

At the top of the page, the average, high, and low scores on the exam are displayed

Note: When there are multiple attempts of the same exam, the scores included in the statistics (average, high, low) are based on the options you chose to be recorded in the gradebook in the Options tab.

A list of all of your students and basic exam information will be displayed in table format below the exam statistics.

Column Information

This indicates attempt number. This is relevant if students were allowed to take the exam more than once. All attempts appear in the Results tab but only the correct score will be pushed to the gradebook.

Note: The grade that gets pushed, for multiple attempts, depends on preferences set in the Options tab.


This gives the date and time the attempt was submitted.


This is the amount of time it took students to take the exam.


The scoring column shows one of four things:

  • Exam not started - The student has not taken the exam.
  • Exam in progress - The student has started but not completed the exam.
  • Score now - The student has taken the exam but there are questions that require manual scoring. Select Score now to go to the Scoring tab to view and score questions.
  • View/Edit - The student has taken the exam and all questions have been scored. Select View/Edit to go to the Scoring tab to review questions or make changes to a student’s score.

The results column displays how many points the student received as well as a percentage.


Select the trash can icon in the Reset column to delete a student’s exam attempt. This action cannot be undone and the student must retake the exam.

Note: Students cannot retake the exam if their score is reset after the due date unless an exception is created in the Options tab or the due date is extended.


Select Re-Score to rescore all computer scored questions for the exam attempt.


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