Scoring Exams

BYU Learning Suite exams are computer-scored, except for open response and, if specified, fill in the blank questions. If no instructor grading is required on an exam, student scores will be automatically added to BYU Grades immediately after they have completed the exam.

To manually grade exam questions or to review student answers and scores, enter Exams and select Score next to the appropriate exam.


In the scoring tab, select which student’s exam to score from the student drop-down menu. By default, student names are listed anonymously to allow for impartial grading. Student names can be revealed by checking the box next to Show Student Names. The checkbox is sticky, meaning that if an instructor checks the box, it will remain checked each time the Scoring tab is entered in any course.

Note: Only students who have submitted the exam appear on this page. Students who did not take the exam or failed to click the Finish and Submit button do not appear.



If students were allowed multiple attempts on the exam, you may select which of their attempts to score from the Attempts drop-down menu.


Each computer-scored question will be marked as correct or incorrect by the computer, with the appropriate point value listed in the right column.  


If necessary, you may change the number of points awarded to a student for a specific question. You may also add comments next to each question that students will be able to view at the time specified on the Reporting page. Select Save when you are done making changes to each question. 

If students have access to their score, these changes will be immediately visible to them, so be sure to remind students to wait until the grading process is complete before worrying about their score.

Computer-scored fill in the blank questions will list the students’ answers highlighted in either red or green. Please remember that computer-scored fill in the blank answers will be marked wrong if they are mis-spelled. 

Manually graded fill in the blank answers appear in a white box. No points will be awarded for these questions until inputted by the instructor.  Be sure to select Save below each question after awarding points, or the changes won’t be reflected in students’ scores.

Open response questions will display students’ complete answers below the question. For all instructor graded items, type the awarded points in the right column, add any comments, then select Save.

After completely scoring a student’s exam, click the Next Student button at the bottom of the exam to proceed to the next exam. 


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,