Set Communication Preferences

BYU Learning Suite allows users to set communication preferences. For example, users can enable new message notifications to be sent to their personal email. If enabled, you will receive an email containing a copy of the content in the new message received on Learning Suite. However, the email will not contain the entire conversation (i.e., previous messages).

There are two types of communication settings for instructors on Learning Suite:


Step One:

Click on the Envelope icon located next to your name on the right hand side of the screen.



Step Two:

Click Edit Settings.



Set Notification Preferences

Step Three:

In order to set a notification preference, users must click the radio button next to the option. Messages will be sent to the user’s email on file with BYU. Click the Grant release of FERPA education records checkbox to enable messages to be sent to a personal email (click here to learn about FERPA).  Click Save to update your notification preferences.

Note: In order to receive email notifications from instructors, students must check the Enable Notifications from Instructors/TAs checkbox. By doing this, students are granting the university permission to send FERPA protected information (such as feedback on homework, tests, assignments, etc.) via email.



Set Filters

Step Four:

To set a filter for how Learning Suite stores your messages from other students click the Filter new messages from other students checkbox. Click Save to update filters.



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