Set Course Policies

BYU Learning Suite provides instructors with the option to create a syllabus from within the Learning Suite interface. Instructors can add to or edit course policies in this interface.


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click Syllabus.



Step Two:

Click Policies from the Syllabus navigation menu.



Step Three:

The Policies section will display the three mandatory University policies that are permanently included in your syllabus. Add additional policies by click the appropriate checkbox. To add personal policies, click +Additional field.



Step Four:

A dialog window appears. 

[1] Enter the title you want to have shown for your personal policy (For example: Electronics Policy, Class Attendance)

[2] When you are satisfied with your title, click Add. 


Step Five:

After you have entered an Additional Field, you may edit or delete it by selecting either the trash icon for delete, or the edit button to edit the title.


Step Six: 

After you are satisfied with the policies you have added to your syllabus, select Save and Continue.


Step Seven:

Read over the University policies. When you have finished, click Save and Continue.



Step Eight:

[1] Type the details of your personal course policies in the text field. For more help and information on using the Rich Content Editor, Click Here.

[2] If you would rather copy and paste into the text field, use the clipboard icon (using this icon will preserve all text formatting on the information being copied).

[3] If you have pasted in to the text field and would like to remove the text formatting that was pasted over, just select the text and use the Remove Formatting icon.

[4] If you would like to add files to your syllabus, use the icons shown in the field above. For more help and information on file uploading to Learning Suite, Click Here, then select the file type you would like to upload .

[5] Once you are satisfied with your new personal policy, select Save and Continue.


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,