Set up Digital Dialog

Instructors can create discussions in BYU Learning Suite through a tool called Digital Dialog. Instructors have three options to choose from while setting up the course:


Step One:

Click on a Course Title to open a course.



Step Two:

Click on Digital Dialog.



Use Digital Dialog

Step Three:

Select the Use Digital Dialog radio button. Click Save and Continue to begin using Digital Dialog.


Link to another website

Step Three:

Select the Link to another website radio button. Enter the URL of the external website in the textbox [1].  Click Link [2] to verify the URL. Click Save and Continue. A link to the website will appear to students when they click on the Digital Dialog tab.



Do not include Digital Dialog

Step Three:

If you do not wish to use Digital Dialog or another website, click on the Do not include Digital Dialog radio button. Click Save and Continue. The Digital Dialog tab will not appear for students in your course.



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