Set up Syllabus

BYU Learning Suite provides instructors with the option to include a syllabus in their courses. Instructors have four options to choose from while setting up the course:


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click Syllabus.


Use BYU Learning Suite Syllabus

Step Two:

Select the Use BYU Learning Suite Syllabus radio button.

Click Save and Continue to begin creating your syllabus.


Upload a Syllabus

Step Two:

Select the Upload a Syllabus radio button.

Click Choose… and locate the correct file in your computer. Click Open.

Click Save and Continue.

This will provide a link for your students to download the file when they click on the Syllabus tab in Learning Suite.


Link to another website

Step Two:

Select the Link to another website radio button.

Enter the website URL in the text box.

Click Save and Continue.

Once saved, the page will refresh. The Link button will appear next to the website URL you entered. This gives you the option of opening the website you entered and saved.

Students will see the link when they click on the Syllabus tab in Learning Suite.


Do not include a syllabus

Step Two:

Select the Do not include a syllabus radio button.

Click Save and Continue.

This will create no syllabus in Learning Suite.

Note: The Syllabus tab will not appear when students log into the course. It is recommended that you provide students with a syllabus using any of the above setup options. Also, be aware that some departments require professors to include an online syllabus. Check your department’s policies for more information.

Step Three (Optional):

You can change the type of syllabus used at anytime:

Click Setup from the Syllabus navigation menu.

Change to the desired option.

Click Save and Continue.


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,