Student Preferences

BYU Learning Suite provides users with a Preferences page. For students, this allows them to select a default home page after login, and also add filters to their Messages.

Log into Learning Suite and click the Preferences (gear icon) in the top right corner.

The Preference dialog window will open. The Preference page has four tabs:


Select a home page for login from the dropdown menu.

When logging in to Learning Suite the page you selected will default to the home page. This setting needs to be reset at the beginning of each semester.


Select which email you would like Learning Suite to send emails to. Options available are your University Personal email, your University Work email, or Other, where you can enter the desired email address. For help with changing your University Personal email and your University Work email, click here.

Click Send Test Email to ensure that the email information is correct and functional.

Click Refresh Emails to refresh the email addresses listed if changes were made recently.


The Messages tab has two sections: Filter and Notifications. Filter allows you to filter new messages from other students by checking the appropriate box.

Click Notifications to open the Notifications menu. Several options are available to control notifications. For example, you can have a notification sent to your email when another student or TA sends you a message or replies to a conversation.


This tab gives you easy access to BYU’s iClicker registration webpage. Simply click the link under Students: to access iClicker registration.

Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,