Take an Exam

BYU Learning Suite gives instructors the option of administering exams to students online.


Step One:

Click on a course title to open a course.



Step Two:

Click on Exams.



Step Three:

Click on the exam title to open the exam. You will be directed to the exam information page.



Step Four:

The exam information page displays a description of the exam [1], the time limit for the exam (if one exists) [2], how many times you can take the exam [3], and the open and close date of the exam [4]. Click Start Exam Now [5] to begin the exam.

Note: If the instructor has enabled the Save and Exit feature, you will be able to see that information on this page. With the Save and Exit feature, you can save your progress, close the exam, and then finish the exam at the later time.



Step Five:

Instructors have the choice to display all of the exam questions at once or display each question individually. Don’t be worried if you only see one question on your screen when you first open the exam.



Step Six:

You can track how much time you have left in a timed exam under the Time Remaining section[1]. If you wish you can hide the time by clicking Hide Timer [2]. If you want to be notified when you have a certain number of minutes left in the exam, check the Notify me when check box [3] and type the minutes in the minutes remain text box [4]. You can also track your progress in the exam using the Test Progress section [5].



Step Seven:

You can flag questions that you want to come back to later by clicking the flag icon. The question number will be highlighted in red in the Test Progress section.



Step Eight:

Click Finish & Submit to submit your exam.



Step Nine:

You will be re-directed back to the exam information page. Verify you have submitted the exam [1].

Note: Students can only view exam results that the instructor allows them to view. Instructors set these viewing restrictions while creating the exam.



Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000, it@byu.edu).