View Current Score and Course Progress

Students can view their current score and overall course progress in the BYU Learning Suite Grades tab.


Step One:

Click on a course title to open a course. Click on Grades.



Step Two:

The Current Progress score is located under the green bar towards the bottom of the page. Your current grade is based on assignments and exams graded up to the time you are viewing the grade. Click on the Graph icon next to the current course percentage to view overall grade statistics.

Note: Student can only view overall grade statistics if the instructor has enabled this feature.


Note: If an instructor uses weighted categories, an asterisk will be in place of the point fraction. This is because the point fraction does not accurately display progress in a class using weighted categories.


Step Three:

The Total Course Progress is located below the current progress. View the Total Course Progress to view your score as it would be if you got a zero on the remaining assignments or exams for the rest of the semester.


Step Four:

Current score and total course progress can be viewed with or without extra credit or dropped low scores. Check the include extra credit or drop low scores checkboxes to manipulate both your current score and total course progress.                                         


Note: These options will not appear if your instructor has not included extra credit or dropped scores in the course.  


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