View Discussion Details

Instructors and students can participate in discussions on BYU Learning Suite through a tool called Digital Dialog.


Step One:

Click on a course title to open a course.



Step Two:

Click on Digital Dialog.



Step Three:

Click on the title of the discussion to view more details.



Step Four:

View the content assigned to the discussion. Click Video/Audio Comments [1] to view any attached video or audio comments. A media player will open inside the discussion and play the comment. Click the link next to the paperclip icon [2] to download any attached file. Review the prompt left by the instructor in the discussion text box [3].  Click Reply to respond to the discussion prompt.



Step Five:

Discussion replies can be displayed in two different ways. Expanded View shows the name of the person who replied, the comment, the date and time of the reply, and the Edit, Delete, or Reply buttons. Collapsed View shows only the name of the person next to his or her comment.



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