Accommodations for ADA Needs

Because of the wide variety of students’ needs at BYU, some students may require certain accommodations when completing assignments and exams. Such accommodations could include a change in the availability date or an increased time limit.

Exceptions can be added to exams from the Options tab in Exams in order make these accommodations. Click here for more information on creating student exam exceptions.

Unfortunately, exceptions cannot be added to assignments. In order to make accommodations for assignments that are submitted through Learning Suite, instructors can follow one of two options:

Allow Late Submissions

This is the recommended solution as it does not require instructors to frequently change the due date of assignments. However, if this option is pursued it is recommended that instructors include a very clear explanation of the penalties for late submissions in the syllabus for students who do not require accommodations.


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click Assignments in the Course Home navigation menu.


Step Two:

Click +New assignment.


Step Three:

The New Assignment dialog window appears.

Fill in the necessary information for creating an assignment. Click here for more information on creating assignments.

Check the Submit through BYU Learning Suite box [1].

Check the Allow late submissions box that appears [2].

Click Save [3].

Note: This setting can be changed after an assignment is created by selecting the assignment title or Edit in the Assignments tab.

Students can submit the assignment from its creation until the end of the semester since Allow late submissions is enabled. This is why it is important to make the late submission policy clear to students in the syllabus.

Late submissions are flagged in BYU Grades, allowing you to make the distinction between students who should and should not be penalized for submitting late assignments.


Briefly reopen the assignment

This is a secondary solution that requires instructors to manually change the due date of assignments when students who require accommodations are ready to submit. One benefit of this method is that other students are typically not able to submit assignments after the due date.

For this method, the assignment must already be created and the student in question ready to submit.


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click Assignments in the Course Home navigation menu.


Step Two:

Click Edit next to the desired assignment.


Step Three:

The Edit Assignment dialog window appears. Change the Due Date to a date that you and the student agree upon [1].

Click Save [2].


The student can now submit the assignment before the new due date. It is recommended that the assignment due date is changed back to the original due date, following the same procedure, after the student has submitted the assignment. A good practice would be to have the assignment reopened for a day or less.

It is possible that students who should not submit late assignments submit the assignment in the new due date window. It is hard to track such occurrences because, according to Learning Suite, students are submitting the assignment within the due date.

However, the date and time students submit an assignment can be viewed.


Step Four:

Click the submission icon located in the assignment cell in BYU Grades.


The Grader appears. The date and time is found below Files Submitted, located on the left hand menu.


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