Add a Hidden Column to the Schedule

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to organize course content in the Schedule into columns. A hidden column can be added to the Schedule to allow instructors to input information that they do not wish students to view, such as lesson plans or notes. Information found in hidden columns do not appear on students’ schedules or dashboards.

Note: Co-instructors and TAs can view hidden columns.


Step One:

Click on the Schedule tab in your Learning Suite course.


Step Two:

Click the drop down arrow next to any of the column titles [1].


Step Three:

Select + Add Hidden Column from the drop down menu.


Step Four:

Select to add the column to the left or to the right of the current column.


Step Five:

The column will be added in the appropriate location. Categories cannot be added to hidden columns. This means that assignments, exams, or devotional information cannot be added to the column. Only text items can be added.


Step Six:

The column can be deleted at any time by clicking the drop down arrow next to the column title [1] and selecting Delete Column [2].


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