Add a TA to a Course

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to add teaching assistants (TAs) to the course. It is important to note that TA’s will be granted full access to the course, so add students with discretion.

Note:  TAs have copy rights but can only copy exams. Additionally, they can only copy exams from the course that they are in. For example, if they are a TA in BIO 100, they will only be able to copy from BIO 100.


Step One:

Enter your Learning Suite course and click on Users under the Course Home menu.



Step Two:

Click +New TA to add a TA to your course.



Step Three:

Search for your TA by typing his or her’s last name or BYU Net ID in the correct field. Click Search.

Note: If you search by last name, a list of users will appear. Make sure to select the correct individual. If possible, search using the TA’s BYU Net ID.



Step Four:

Once the TA has been found the Edit TA dialog window will appear. Update the information and click Save.



Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,