Adjust Scores

BYU Learning Suite provides instructors with a way to adjust student scores on the Scores page. This is useful when attempting to curve an assignment to match a desired average score.


Step One:

Log into your Learning Suite course and click BYU Grades.


Step Two:

Click the dropdown arrow next to the desired assignment, and then click Adjust Scores.


Step Three:

The Adjust Score dialog window will open. Enter the desired number of points to add or subtract from students’ grades. Positive values will add points to the existing scores, while negative values will subtract points from the existing scores.

Additionally, the option to Limit scores to between assignment min and max scores can be enabled by checking its checkbox.


Step Four:

When finished, click Save.


Step Five:

A warning dialog window will open stating the change that will be made and the permanent nature of the change. Click Confirm to adjust the scores.


The changes in students’ scores will be reflected on the Scores page under the assignment selected.


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