Allow Multiple File Uploads

BYU Learning Suite allows student to submit assignments electronically. In some cases, multiple files may need to be uploaded for a single assignment. Allowing students to upload multiple files is a feature that must be enabled for each assignment.

After students upload files for an assignment, the files can be viewed in the Grader. Click here for more information about viewing and grading multiple files.

Step One:

Enter your Learning Suite course and select Assignments from the left navigation menu.

Step Two:

To edit an existing assignment, click an assignment title [1].

To create a new assignment, click + New Assignment [2]. Skip to Step Four.

Step Three:

Create the assignment following normal procedures. Click here for more information about creating assignments.

Step Four:

Click the General tab.

Step Five:

Click the box next to Submit Online. Then check the box next to Allow multiple file uploads.

Step Six:

Click Save when all assignment settings are complete.

Students will see a green Submit button next to assignments that are submitted online. Students can upload a variety of files types including Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, video files, and pictures.

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