Assignments FAQs

Did you know that assignments can also be created, viewed, and edited from the Home, Grades, Schedule, and Syllabus tabs?
A change made in one location applies to all the other locations.
Why do I have to use categories and how many can I have?
The gradebook requires you to create at least one category for assignments. You may have as many categories as you want. The categories will be used in the Schedule tab to choose which assignments appear in which column of the schedule.
What are some common categories used by other instructors?
Exams, quizzes, papers, research projects, group presentations, assignments, attendance, and participation.
Why would I use Weighted Categories?
To be able to assign all the assignments in one category a specific percentage of the overall course grade. For example, you may want all of the quizzes to be worth 15% of the final grade, exams to be worth 40%, and projects 45%. 

How can I rearrange assignments?

Drag and drop assignments within or between categories. The red line shows you where the assignment will be added.


Can I use assignments imported from Blackboard?

Yes. Give them a new due date so that they will appear on the schedule and place them in a graded category. Imported assignments with missing information are highlighted in pink on the Assignments page. 


Why can’t my students upload assignments online?

Probably because your gradebook has not been set up. To set up your gradebook, go to the 'Grades' (or 'BYU Grades') tab, select “Use BYU Learning Suite Grades,” and then click Save and Continue. From your Assignments page, the assignment will need to be set up to allow online submissions. If you use Turnitin, you will also need to set this up as these settings are not copied when the assignment is copied.

Can I use rubrics for grading?
Rubrics can be created for assignments that use the Turnitin originality check, but the scores from the rubric will not pass automatically to the BYU Learning Suite gradebook and will have to be entered manually. Rubric functionality is being developed in the new BYU Grades and should be released later in Fall 2013.
Does Learning Suite time out and if so can I change that time period?
Learning Suite will time out after one hour of inactivity. If you are working on anything in Learning Suite and have to step away for an extended period of time, make sure to save your work. If the session times out you will lose anything that has not been saved. For security reasons, extending the time out period is not recommended.
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