August 2015 Updates

Updates were made to BYU Learning Suite in the month of August.

Entering Exam Instructions Modified

  • The way users enter Exam Instructions was modified. A popup dialog will now open for entering exam instructions. This makes it easier for instructors to know that their entries have been saved. Additionally, a show/hide feature was implemented so instructors can show or hide exam instructions while on the Questions page.

Creation of LTI Links added to Toolbar

  • The CK editor’s toolbar has been edited in Content and the Schedule to include a button that allows the creation of LTI links.

Additions to Score History Dialog Window

  • A list of graders and average score given by each grader has been added to the score history dialog window. This allows instructors to view TAs and co-instructors that graded an assignment, as well as the average score given by each individual.

    • Click here for more information on how to access this feature.

Saving Icon Added when Adjusting Scores

  • When scoring assignments in BYU Grades, an icon has been added to indicate that the score is being saved. This helps instructors know the score is being saved. An additional icon displays if there is an error in saving a score.

Grading Exams in the Grader

  • The ability to scores exams in the Grader has been added. This new functionality allows instructors to score exams by individual student or by question. Instructions can also set filters to grade by section, grade by attempt, and only show questions that have not been graded yet.