August 2016 Updates

Gradebook Updates

  • Instructors can import percentages into the gradebook. (see )

  • Instructors can modify the order that the assignment columns appear in on the Scores page in BYU Grades. Assignment order can be customized by sorting by due date (both ascending and descending), and by alphabetical order (ascending and descending) as well as by the order they appear on the assignments page.

  • Ability to adjust scores by adding an "Adjust Scores" option when the down arrow next to an assignment is clicked on the Scores page. When clicked, instructors can enter the amount by which they wish to modify all of the scores for that assignment.

  • Edit Assignment Categories from the Scores Page (using Category Drop-down) or Assignments from the Assignment Drop-down.

  • Added a dropdown selection bar that allows instructors to view and change each student's grades on the student view assignment page

  • On the student assignment page improved the layout of the "current progress" and "total score progress" to reduce occasional confusion by some students.

  • In the Grader, view performance level descriptions of the rubric and view assignment description.

  • A new horizontal/vertical view of the Feedback field is now available.

  • In the Grader, added ability to have “Instructor Notes” (i.e., “Internal Comments”) for a student per assignment (instructor, co-instructor, ta only can see).

  • Added ability to import and export letter grades on the Final Grades page.  

  • Added average GPA feature on Final Grades page.

  • When resubmitting E grades via Learning Suite, Learning Suite will now pre-load the interface with previously entered values (last attendance date, etc.).


  • Dropdown arrows were added to parent trees and their open/closed status, on both student and instructor sides.

  • You can add a LTI link to any page that uses the CKEditor.


  • Print exam keys from Exam Summary dialog.

  • Allow students to view exam instructions during review of their exam. (Exam instructions can also be turned shown or hidden across all web pages of the exam instead of just showing at the beginning.)

  • Reporting Rules no longer need to be selected in a certain order.

  • Added a new Reporting Rule which allows students who did not take the exam to review the exam after the exam has closed.

  • Added ability to edit date/time directly on exam list page without needing to go into an exam.

  • Added ability to link Testing Center exams with Learning Suite (this was done some time ago but is being reiterated...

  • Allow instructors to override the points possible that come from testing center exams in the assignment dialog.

  • Added page that allows instructors to view statistics of Testing Center exams without needing to create a LS course.


  • Multiple Files upload

  • Drag & Drop

  • Replace Files

  • Sort (by name, by type of file, by size, and by date uploaded)


  • Instructors and students can mark all messages as read in internal messages. 


  • Can now add more than 1 user at a time into communities.


  • Added the ability to add guest students to a Learning Suite course.


  • Can edit date/time directly on Assignment page without needing to open and edit the whole assignment. 

System Improvoments

  • Can edit date/time directly on Assignment page without needing to open and edit the whole assignment. 

  • Sped up the score page processing in large classes.

  • Sped up digital dialog page loading in large classes.

  • Sped up loading of email page in large classes and communities.

  • Improved reliability of Learning Suite when campus services are not available, via caching of user information.


  • Minor bug fixes

  • Dozens of smaller interface and usability improvements.