Batch Upload Assignments from the Scores Page

BYU Learning Suite allows students to submit assignments online via attachment. Batch downloads and uploads make it easier for you to grade those assignments.

By using a Batch upload form in the Scores page, you can upload all assignments at once. The Batch Upload feature can be used to upload all of the corrected assignments to the Grader at one time. A Batch Upload will automatically associate the correct file with the correct student, allowing him or her to see your corrections and comments.


Step One:

Open the folder where the assignments are saved.

Note: The file names can be edited with the exception of the Net ID and underscores. Those values in the file names must remain unchanged.

The following are examples of approved edits for the file name Doe_Jane_jdoe1_Assignment1_submission.docx:

  • Doe_Jane_jdoe1_Assignment1_submission_GRADED.docx
  • Doe_Jane_jdoe1_JaneDoeGRADED.docx
  • DoeABC_Jane_jdoe1_JaneDoeGRADED.docx
  • GRADED-Doe_Jane_jdoe1_Assignment1_submission.docx

The following are examples of edits that are NOT okay to make for the file name Doe_Jane_jdoe1_Assignment1_submission.docx:

  • Assignment1_submission_GRADED.docx (name and netid removed)
  • Doe_Jane_jdoes1ABC_Assignment1_submission.docx (netid edited)
  • jdoe1_Assignment1_submission_GRADED.docx (name removed)
  • GRADED_Doe_Jane_jdoe1_Assignment1_submission.docx ("_" added to the beginning)



Step Two:

Select all the assignments. Right click on the selection. A menu will appear.



Step Three:

Click Send To…



Step Four:

Click Compressed (zipped) folder.


Note: You must send the files directly to the compressed zip folder, as shown above. If you try and put your assignments in a file, then zip that and upload it, your upload will be unsuccessful. To ensure your formatting is correct, when you double click to open your zip file, the first thing you should see are the assignment files, and not another file containing the assignments.


Step Five:

Enter your Learning Suite course and click on BYU Grades.



Step Six:

Click on the drop down menu located next to the assignment title [1].



Step Seven:

Click Batch Upload



Step Eight:

A dialog window will appears. Select the newly created .zip folder [1]. Click Open [2].



Step Nine:

A green dialog window will appear confirming the files were uploaded.



Step Ten:

To view the uploaded files, click on the Paper icon located in the assignment column next to the student’s grade [1]. The Grader will open.



Step Eleven:

Click the Feedback drop down menu [1].



Step Twelve:

Click the Upload menu [1]. All files that have been uploaded using the batch upload process will be displayed [2].



Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,