BYU Grades

BYU Learning Suite offers several tools for instructors to customize BYU Grades.


Step One:

Log in to Learning Suite and select the course you wish to set up the gradebook option by clicking on the course title.

Step Two:

Select BYU Grades located in the menu bar at the top of the page.



Step Three:

The Grades menu, located on the left hand side of the screen, contains tools for instructors to customize their BYU Grades and Learning Suite course.



Tool Description

Using the Scores tool, instructors can manipulate student grades and annotate students’ submissions.

Learn more about Scores by clicking here.


Using the Assignments tool, instructors can create an assignment or assignment category, dictate grading methods, and organize course assignments.

Learn more about Assignments by clicking here.

Grade Scale

Using the Grade Scale tool, instructors can create the scale that will be used to determine students' final grades in the course.

Learn more about the Grade Scale by clicking here.


Using the Import/Export tool, instructors can transfer grades from BYU Grades to a spreadsheet or .txt file and vice versa. Additionally, an iClicker roster can be exported.

Learn more about Import/Export by clicking here.

Final Grades

Using the Final Grades tool, instructors can adjust final grades using tools such as manual final grade entry, assignment/exam drops, grade distribution, and hypothetical grade calculations.

Learn more about Final Grades by clicking here.

Originality Check

Using the Originality Check tool, instructors can easily determine if students’ assignments are their original work (non-plagiarized). It also provides access to Grademark, which allows professors to leave feedback on student assignments.

Learn more about Originality Check by clicking here.


Using the Setup tool, instructors can easily set Gradebook options for the course.

Learn more about Setup by clicking here.


BYU Grades vs. Agilix Grades

The Agilix Grades is a third-party gradebook no longer used at BYU. In the past, it has also been referred to as the BYU Gradebook and could be accessed at It has been replaced by the BYU Learning Suite component BYU Grades.


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