Course Setup

BYU Learning Suite courses are arranged by semester or term on the Course List page. You must set up a course before adding course content.

Note: Learning Suite users can also see past and future courses underneath the appropriate button.


Step One:

Click Set up course located to the right of the course name.



Step Two:

Select your desired grouping options.

Note: Sections should only be grouped together if they will have the same assignments, due dates, and other course materials and information. 


[1] Group all

This will group all of your class sections together for that specific class, along with all course materials and content.

[2] Keep all sections seperate

This will allow you to keep your sections seperate from one another.

[3] Create my own section groups

This allows you to customize how sections are grouped.

Click Continue when you are ready to proceed.

Step Three:

Note: Click here for more information about linking your Learning Suite course to another website.


[1] Title

Type the title of your course in the title text box .

[2] Website

Click on the Use BYU Learning Suite for my course radio button.


Step Four:

Select your desired options.

Note: Click here for more information about total points and weighted categories. 



[1] Calculate Grades By:

Total Points: Selecting this option will allow you to base your grading system on total number of points earned.

Weighted Categories: Selecting this option allows you to set certian categories (I.E. Assignments, Exams, Labs, etc.) worth more than other categories.

For more information on Grading Methods, Click Here.

[2] Allow Copy

Selecting this option will give other instructors the ability to copy your course or exams.

For more information on course copying, Click Here.

[3] Combine Courses

Select this option to combine this course with your other courses.

For help on Combining Courses, Click Here.



Step Five:

Click Set up Course.



Step Six:


[1] Copy

Click this to copy your course materials from another course.

For more information about copying course materials, Click Here.

[2] Go to Course Home

Otherwise, just click Go to Course Home

Note: The course setup feature that allowed instructors to import courses from Blackboard has been removed. However, Blackboard courses can still be imported with the help of the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,

Step Seven:

View your newly created course.



Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,