Create an Assignment Specific Grade Scale

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to create grade scales, different from the overall course grade scale, that can apply to one or more assignments.


Step One:

Select Assignments from the Course Home navigation menu in your Learning Suite course.


Step Two:

Click + New assignment.


Step Three:

A dialog window appears. Click the Type drop down menu and select Assignment, Exam, or Learning Module. Create the assignment or exam following normal procedures.


Step Four:

Click the Scoring tab located at the top of the window.


Step Five:

Click the Score Entry drop down menu and select Letter Grade.


Step Six (optional):

An additional selection menu appears. AIM Final Grade Rule is the default selection. Click view, located to the right of the selection menu, to view the grade scale specifications.


Step Seven:

A grade scale dialog window appears. None of the windows can be edited because it is the AIM Final Grade Rule. Click Cancel when finished.


Step Eight:

If you do not want to use the AIM Final Grade Rule, select Add new to create a customized grade scale.


Step Nine:

A grade scale dialog window appears. Enter a title [1]. Click the Scale [2] drop down menu and select to use points or percent for this grade scale. The window adjusts accordingly.


Step Ten:

Create the grade scale according to preferences. Click the plus icon [1] if additional entries are needed. Click Save.


Step Eleven:

The newly created grade scale will appear in the selection menu. This grade scale will be saved and can be used for future assignments. Click Save.

The assignment is created and appears on the Assignment page. The assignment will be scored according to the grade scale that was created.


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