Create an Attendance Assignment

BYU Learning Suite allows professors to create an attendance assignment type to be used throughout the semester to assign grades based on attendance. Attendance can be manually graded or self-graded. Manually graded requires the instructor or TA to enter attendance. Self-graded allows students to self-report their own attendance.

Click here for additional information about grading attendance assignment types.

Step One:

Enter your Learning Suite course and select Assignments from the left navigation menu.

Step Two:

Click + New Assignment.

Step Three:

The New Assignment dialog window appears. Click the Type drop down menu and select Attendance.

Step Four:

Enter an assignment title [1] and description [2].

Step Five:

Select the category the assignment will go in [1] and the due date [2]. It is recommended to pick a day near the end of the semester for the due date because an attendance assignment tracks attendance for the entire semester.

Step Six:

Enter the points possible for a single day’s attendance [1]. The total number of attendance points possible [2] will automatically calculate based on the number of times the class is held throughout the semester. In the example picture below, the class meets once a week for the semester and therefore attendance is based out of 14 days.

Step Seven:

Check the box next to Allow Student Editing to allow student to self-report their attendance. If this option is selected, instructors and TAs can still edited or report students’ attendance grades.

Step Eight:

Click the Scoring tab. Make any necessary adjustments to the assignment’s scoring options.

Step Nine:

Click Save.

Step Ten:

The assignment can be edited, copied, or deleted at any time by clicking the corresponding icon, located to the right of the assignment title.

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