Create an xAPI Learning Module Assignment

Creating an xAPI Learning Module assignment allows instructors to link Adobe Captivate modules to BYU Learning Suite. Students can then access the Captivate module on their end by viewing the assignment details.

Note: xAPI assignments and Adobe Captivate modules are only compatible with Google Chrome. Attempting to use Internet Explorer or Firefox will result in errors.


Step One:
Log into your Learning Suite course and click Assignments from the navigation menu.


Step Two:
Click + New Assignment.


Step Three:
The New Assignment dialog window appears. Click the Type drop down menu and select Learning Module....

Note: The four tabs across the top will adjust to show a Learning Module tab at the end instead of Turnitin. Turnitin cannot be used with learning module assignments.


Step Four:
Create the assignment following the normal procedures. Click here for help creating assignments.


Step Five:
Once you reach the Learning Module tab, click the Configuration Type drop down menu and select Captivate Module (xAPI).


Step Six:
A new option to upload a zip file appears. Click Choose File.


Step Seven:
The Choose Captivate File dialog window appears. Click Choose Files [1] to upload the module from a location on your computer or select a module from your Files [2] in Learning Suite.

Step Eight:
Click + Add File once the correct files have been selected.
Step Nine:
The file title appears in the New Assignment dialog window next to Zip File Upload. Click Save.
Step Ten:
Select the radio button next to the desired Scoring Option if the module is scored and grades will be pushed to BYU Grades.
Step Eleven:
Click Save.
Step Twelve:
The assignment appears on the Assignment page. It can be edited at any time by clicking the assignment title or Edit.
Students can access the Captivate module by selecting the assignment title in their Grades tab. The Assignment Details dialog window appears. Students will click Launch Captivate Module to open.

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