Creating a REEF Poll Assignment in Learning Suite

BYU Learning Suite is LTI compliant with REEF Polling services. REEF Polling is a dynamic tool that allows students to participate in in-class quizzes and polls. The following documentation assists instructors in creating a REEF Polling assignment. Creating a REEF polling assignment allows students to directly access REEF via a link in the Learning Suite assignment. Additionally, scores will be automatically transferred from REEF to BYU Grades. It is important to note that only one REEF Polling score will be passed back per student per course.  You should only make one REEF LTI assignment and adjust the point value of that assignment to match the total points for all REEF questions.  ​This is the only way REEF allows LTI interaction.  If you wish to have REEF scores distributed to multiple assignments you will need to export scores from REEF and import them into Learning Suite.

Note: The REEF Polling software needs to be downloaded and installed prior to creating a REEF Poll Assignment in Learning Suite. Click here for help with downloading and installing the software.


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click Assignments in the Home navigation menu on the left.


Step Two:

Click the + New assignment button.


Step Three:

The New Assignment dialog window appears. Select Learning Module from the Type drop down menu [1]. Click the Learning Module tab that appears [2].

Step Four:

Select Global Configuration (LTI) from the Configuration Type drop down menu [1]. Select Reef Polling from the Global Module dropdown menu [2]. The Key and Secret will autofill with the required information.


Step Five:

The URL is obtained from your REEF Polling software (click here for help downloading and installing REEF Polling software). Within the REEF Polling software, click the Edit button at the top right.

Step Six:

Click LMS Sync in the menu on the left [1], and then click Copy Link [2].


Step Seven:

Paste the link into the URL textbox in Learning Suite [1]. Edit the assignment as desired and then click Save [2].


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,