Creating a Sub-Category Work Around

BYU Learning Suite does not have an option to create sub-categories. However, a possible work around to have an assignment with multiple components would be to create a new weighted category that would serve as the assignment, and the assignments in the category would be the components of the assignment.


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click Assignments in the Course Home navigation menu.


Step Two:

The total grade must be calculated by weighted categories. The green box at the bottom of the assignments page must show it is calculated by weighted categories. If not, click Points [1]. Select the Weighted categories radio button [2]. Click Save [3].


Step Three:

Click +New category.


Step Four:

Enter the necessary information for your category. Click here for more information about creating categories.

The Category weight should be the weight your “assignment” (in this case the category) has on the final grade.

Click Save.


Step Five:

Create the necessary assignments and place them in the category you’ve created. In the example pictured below, the research paper is the category and the assignments are the components of the entire research paper grade. Click here for more information about creating assignments.


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