Exam Statistics Summary

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to review a summary of exam statistics in two locations: 


Exams Tab

Step One:

Enter your Learning Suite course and click Exams.



Step Two:

Click Options [1]. This will expand a dropdown menu. Click View Results [2].

Note: Statistics are only generated after 5 or more students have taken the exam. If there are less than 5 students that have taken the exam, the View Results option will not be available.

Step Three:

The results page will display individual student results for the exam [1] as well as the average, high, and low [2]. You can re-score the exam for the entire class by clicking on the blue Re-Score Exam button [3]. You can also re-score the exam for an individual student by clicking on the Re-Score Exam button located next to the student’s name and exam details [4].



Step Four:

To view a statistical summary for the exam, click on Exam Summary underneath the Results menu on the left side of the screen.



Step Five:

You will be able to view the number of students who took the exam [1], the high, median, mean, and low scores [2], quartile scores [3], and time spent taking the test [4].



Step Six:

You will also be able to view the score distribution [1], grade distribution [2], and an overview of each exam question [3]. Click on the Details button [4] to see more information on each individual question.




Step Seven:

You can view the question [1], the correct answers (highlighted green) [2], and the distribution of answers students selected [3].



Assignments Tab

Step One:

Enter your Learning Suite course and click on Assignments.

  View of Assignments in left hand menu


Step Two:

To view a statistical summary for the exam, click on Exam Statistics icon on the right hand side of the screen.

Exam Statistics icon displayed in Assignments View


Step Three:

To view the statistical summary or the question details, click on the appropriate tab. 

Exam Statistics Dialog Box view showing summary and question details tabs


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000, it@byu.edu).