Export Student Exam Responses

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to view a summary of exam statistics through the Exams tab. However, if more advanced or customized statistical analysis is needed instructors can export the raw exam data from Learning Suite to a .csv file. The .csv file can then be imported in the statistical analysis program of choice.


Step One:

Log into your Learning Suite course and click Exams.

Step Two:

Click Options [1]. This will open a dropdown menu. Click View Results [2].

Note: Student statistics only appear after at least 5 students have taken the exam.

Step Three: 

Click Exam Summary from the navigation menu on the left.

Step Four:

Click the Export Student Answers button.


Step Five:

A .csv file will be downloaded to your computer. Click on the downloaded file to open exam responses. The file contains students’ names, overall score, percentage, and their responses for each question. For all question types, except fill in the blank and open response, the distractor choices, A,B,C, etc. [1] are exported instead of the response text. The text that students enter for fill in the blank and open response questions is exported [2]. The file can be imported into the statistical analysis program of choice.


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000, it@byu.edu)