February 2016 Updates

The following were updates made to BYU Learning Suite throughout the month of February.


Update to Public Syllabi

  • Public syllabi were updated to require a CAS log in before they can be viewed from Learning Suite. This change was made for copyright purposes.

Library Link Updated

Spring/Summer Courses Available to Faculty

  • An update was made that allows faculty to access spring and summer courses.

Admin Page Added

  • An admin page was added that allows for the transfer of course ownership. Instructors can contact the OIT Service Desk at 801.422.4000 to transfer course ownership. The ability to change ownership of a community was also added.

“Refresh List” Button Added

  • A “refresh list” button was added to instructors’ Course List page. If a primary instructor is changed before the semester starts, the new primary instructor can click this button to have the change automatically reflected on their Course List, instead of waiting for the cache to clear.

Loading Speed Improved for Email and Messages

  • The loading speed of Email and Messages was improved for large communities and courses with large numbers of TAs.

Update to Student Responses on Exams

  • The speed and order of how student responses are saved on an exam was improved to increase efficiency and functionality.

Update to Captivate Modules

  • Instructors now have the ability to remove the states of students’ Captivate modules.