Grading Methods

Weighted Categories Method

The weighted categories method means that each category will be given a certain percentage, or weight, of the students' grades. The assignments within a category will be averaged together to determine the score of that category. (You can set the assignments in a category to have equal or variable weights when creating or editing a category.)


Grades will be based on a series of short quizzes, four exams, and a writing assignment.  The quizzes combined will be worth 20% of your grade (each quiz has equal value), a written assignment in two parts will be worth 20% of your grade (10% for each part), the two in-class music identification exams will be worth 20% of your grade (10% each), and the two Testing Center exams will be worth 40% (20% each).

To calculate final grades according to the weighted categories method:

  1. At the bottom of the assignments page, mark the “Use weighted categories” box


    in “Grades,” under the “Setup” tab, select the “Weighted categories” option.

  2. In “Assignments” (either in “Grades” or “Course Home”), assign each existing category the appropriate weight percentage. When you create a new category, you will be required to enter in a category weight.

These percentages can be viewed in the “% of total” column on the assignments page. It works best if your category weight percentages add up to 100, but BYU Learning Suite will accommodate if they add up to be less or more than 100%.


Total Points Method

The total points method means that the points assigned to each assignment will reflect the effect of that assignment on the students' final grades.


Grades will be based on the following learning activities: In-class quizzes (2 points per lecture for a total of 60 points), homework (4 points per item for a total of 100 points) midterm exams (40 points each for a total of 160 points) and the final exam (100 points). To receive an A, you must have 378 points, an A- requires 362 points, a B+ 349 points, and so on.

To calculate grades according to the total points method:

At the bottom of the assignments page, leave the “Use weighted categories” box blank


in “Grades” under the “Setup” tab, select the “Total Points” option.

When you have chosen to use the total points method, in “Assignments,” the “% of Total” column will be hidden, and the option to assign a category weight percentage when creating or editing a category will also be hidden.


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