Item Analysis

As of Winter 2017, Testing Center exam statistics are not available in ExamStat. Instead, instructors must go to Learning Suite to view and download exam results and statistics. ExamStat provided instructors with the difficulty and discrimination for each question; however, these statistics are not available in Learning Suite. The steps below outline how to export the exam results as a csv and use Excel add-ins to find the difficulty and discrimination for each question.

Step One:

First, you will enable a pre-built Excel add-in, called Solver. Open a blank Excel spreadsheet.


Step Two:

Click File and then Options.


Step Three:

Select the Customize Ribbon tab [1]. Check the box next to Developer [2]. Click OK [3].


Step Four:

Click the new Developer tab that appears in Excel [1]. Then click Excel Add-ins [2].


Step Five:

Check the box next to Solver Add-in. Click OK. Close out of the blank spreadsheet without saving it.


Step Six:

Next, you will download two Excel add-ins. The first is downloaded from this site. Select Free Download if you are using Excel 2013 or 2016 (other options are available for older versions of excel). DO NOT open the file after it is downloaded.

Step Seven:

Save the downloaded file to following location:




Some of these folders are hidden. To show hidden folders in Windows 10, open the Control Panel and click Appearance and Personalization.

Select Show hidden files and folders located beneath File Explorer Options.


Step Eight:

Click here to download the second add-in you need and save it in the same location as the one above. Do not open the file after it is downloaded.


Step Nine:

Open File Explorer and navigate to the location you just saved the two add-in files to.


Step Ten:

Right click the RealStats file and select Properties. Check the box next to Unblock. Click OK. Unblocking the file will ensure it loads each time you open Excel.

Note: The Unblock box will not appear until the second add-in (ItemAnalysis) is downloaded and placed in the same folder.


Step Eleven:

You will need to enable the add-ins in Excel but first you will download the exam results from Learning Suite. To do that, log into Learning Suite and click Testing Center Exams in the Home navigation menu.


Step Twelve:

Click the title of a course to view exams scheduled at the Testing Center. A graph icon appears next to exams with student test data available. Click the graph icon for the test you want to download results for.

Step Thirteen:

Click Export Student Answers to download exam responses.


Step Fourteen:

Open the downloaded csv file. DO NOT add, delete, or change any of the data in the excel file or else the item analysis will not run properly.


Step Fifteen:

Now you will enable the Excel add-ins. Click the new Developer tab that appears in Excel [1]. Then click Excel Add-ins [2].


Step Sixteen:

Check the boxes next to Itemanalysis and Realstats. The Solver add-in should already be checked from following previous steps. Click OK.

Note: After you are finished running item analysis on an exam, you can disable the add-ins by following the same steps as above but unchecking the boxes for Itemanalysis, Realstats, and Solver. If you disable all three and wish to use them for a later exam, Solver must be enabled first. So, you would need to open Excel, enable Solver, close Excel, and then open Excel again to enable the last two add-ins. The RealStats add-in will not function if the Solver add-in is not enabled.


Step Seventeen:

Click the new Item Analysis tab that appears in Excel. Then click the button to calculate the difficulty and discrimination for each question.

Note: The file may take a few minutes to compile, depending on the number of students in your class.


Questions? Contact Bryan Bradley, Academic Assessment Manager and Assessment Consultant (801.422.8194,