July 2017 Updates

Exam Creation Process

  • The Exam page has been updated and the creation process was moved to a dialog window as opposed to the multi-tab system implemented before. For help navigating the new look, click here.

Question Bank

  • A Question Bank was added, which allows instructors to store questions and statistics for use when creating new exams. For help using the Question Bank, click here.

New Exam Question Types

  • Three new Fill-in-the-Blank question types were added: Numeric, Short text, and Date. The Short Text type also allows wildcard (allows * or ? in the answer) and regex (allows regular expression) answers. Click here and find the new types in the list under Questions Tab for more information.

Password Protection for Exams

  • Password protection is now an option for Learning Suite exams. View the Access portion of this page.

Batch Edit of Assignments

  • Multiple assignments can be edited simultaneously using the Batch Edit feature. Click here for more information.

Copy Assignment Button

  • A button on the Assignments page has been added that copies assignments. Click here for help using this button.