BYU Learning Suite: News and Feature Updates

BYU Learning Suite Timeline

Items in Development
Feature Expected Release*
Hot Spot Question Type Spring 2018
Digital Dialog Assignment Type Spring 2018
Adaptive Release (Learning Path) Summer 2018

*Timelines may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Monthly Updates

March 2017 Updates

Updates to BYU Learning Suite in the month of March include an iClicker tab in the preference window and the ability to copy courses to another course.

November 2016 Updates

Updates made to BYU Learning Suite in November 2016 include changes to exam preview and the addition of global preferences.

October 2016 Updates

Updates made to BYU Learning Suite in October 2016 include improvements made to the Combined Schedule and providing additional information on the Exams List page for students. Click the above link for additional information.