November 2015 Updates

The following were updates made to BYU Learning Suite throughout the month of November.

Spell Checker Added

  • Spell checker was added to text entry boxed inĀ all areas of Learning Suite. Words spelled incorrectly will be underlined in red.

Load Speed Improved in Digital Dialog

  • The loading speed of Digital Dialog was improved, especially for large classes.

Load Speed Improved in Email

  • The loading speed of Email was improved, especially for large classes.

Adjustment in Changing Exams to Assignments

  • The ability to switch an exam to an assignment if questions were already created has been removed. This was done to prevent users from losing questions they have created.

LTI Icon Added to CK Editor

  • An LTI icon was added to the CK editor (the field where text is input) in the Schedule. Instructors can now implement LTI applications in the Schedule.

Improved Stability of Learning Suite

  • The stability of Learning Suite when OIT services are unavailable was improved. This enhancement will enable more users to access Learning Suite under these circumstances.

Adjustments and Additions to Final Grades

  • The ability to import final grades as letter grades was added. Instructors can now include letter grades as a field when importing final grades.

  • An average GPA feature was added to the Final Grades page. This calculates and displays the average GPA among the students in the course.