November 2016 Updates

The following were updates made to BYU Learning Suite throughout the month of November.


Course Creation

  • Future semesters are now automatically enabled. This allows instructors to create future courses sooner than they have been able to in the past.

Exam Preview

  • Instructors now have two options for previewing an exam. With the first option, view as instructor, certain restrictions are ignored, including open and close dates/times, time limits, the number of times an exam can be taken, and IP address restrictions. These restrictions are enforced when a student attempts an exam. With the second option, view as student, all restrictions previously mentioned will apply.

  • Click here for more information about previewing an exam.

Internal Messages

  • Included a link in email notifications sent when messages are sent via Learning Suite that will take users directly to the corresponding message.

Global Preferences

  • Added support for global preferences

    • Instructors can select:

      • a default landing page

      • default due time for assignments

      • default open/close times for exams

      • default option for students to view scores (points, percent, or letter grade)

      • default reporting rules

      • Messages preferences

      • default display options for syllabi

    • Students can select:

      • a default landing page

      • Messages preferences

  • Instructors click here for more information about setting global preferences.

BYU Grades

  • Added the ability to import grades using email addresses as the key. The email address used must be the address on file in AIM for students.

  • Click here for more information about importing grades.