Overall Score Drop Down Menu

BYU Learning Suite provides instructors with different options in relation to students’ overall scores in BYU Grades. These options are found in the Overall Score drop down menu.


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click BYU Grades.


Step Two:

Click the arrow next to Overall Score.


The options listed are:

Flag Low Scores

Step One:

Click Flag low scores.


Step Two:

The Low Scores - Overall dialog window appears.

Check the box next to Flag scores. Enter the desired percentage in the text box. The text at the bottom of the dialog window will notify you of all students whose grade falls below the specified percentage.


Step Three (optional):

Click Notify all students listed below to send a Learning Suite message to all students whose names appear.

Click an individual student’s name to send a personalized message.


Step Four:

The Message to students with low scores or Email to [Student’s Name] dialog window will appear.

Enter a Subject and Message.

Click Send.


Step Five:

Click Apply.


The scores below the chosen percent will have a red flag next to them.


View Statistics

Step One:

Click View statistics.


The Statistics - Overall Score window will appear. This window displays statistics, such as the mean score, median score, low score, high score, etc.


Edit the Score View

Step One:

Click Edit Score View.


Step Two:

The Scores View dialog window will appear.

Select how you want to view scores: Points, Percentage, and/or Letter grade.

Enter how many decimal points will be included in the scores.

Click Save.


The selected options will appear in the Overall Score column.


Show or Hide Dropped Scores

Step One:

Click Show Dropped Scores.


Dropped scores will appear grey with a line through them.


Step Two:

To hide dropped scores, return to the Overall Score drop down menu and click Hide dropped scores.


Sort Scores High to Low or Low to High

Step One:

Select whether you want to sort scores high to low or low to high.


The overall scores will be rearranged according to your selection. The image below is an example of sorting high to low.

Note: Click the Last Name, First Name, or Net ID column header to sort by those options.


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000, it@byu.edu)