Question Details

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to view statistics for specific questions on their exams. This information is in the Question Details tab of the Exams section of Learning Suite.


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click Exams.


Step Two:

Click Options [1]. This will expand a dropdown menu. Click View Results [2].

Step Three:

Click Question Details.

Step Four:

This page provides statistics and information regarding each specific question of the exam. The different features are outlined in the following image and table.


Number Function
1 This space shows the question on the exam. The correct answer is highlighted green with a checkmark.
2 This table shows several statistics regarding the question: points, percent of all students who selected which option, percent of high-scoring students (Q4) who selected which option, percent of low-scoring students (Q1) who selected which option, and mean test score of students who selected which option. Red boxes also highlight any problems whose details are outlined below the table.
3 This space elaborates on any red boxes in the question's statistic table, providing details about large numbers of students selecting the wrong option or other related issues.


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