Questions Tab

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to create exams within Learning Suite. The Questions tab is where instructors can create questions for their exam.


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click Exams.


Step Two:

Click the ?'s button that corresponds to the desired exam.

Step Three:

Add instructions for the exam if desired by clicking Edit [1] next to Exam Instructions. A dialog window appears [2] allowing you to enter text and include files. These instructions will be displayed to students on the first page of the exam.

Note: The max file size for files uploaded to an exam is 200 MB.


There are three views available in the Questions tab: expanded, preview, and collapsed.

View Function

This view shows all question information; the questions, point value, all possible answers, and an "explain your answer" textbox, if applicable. Additionally, the expanded view allows you to show or hide any feedback that was added during question creation.


This is the new location of exam preview. It allows instructors to view exam questions in the format they appear to students. The exam cannot be taken in this view. Click here for more information about taking the exam.

Note: Questions cannot be added to the exam in this view.


This view shows limited information; the question, what type of question it is, point value, and the correct answer(s). It is helpful for quickly reviewing the exam.


There are two functions available in the Questions tab:

Add New Question

For more information on adding a question from the Question Bank, click here.

Step Four:

Click the +New question button at the bottom of the page.


Step Five:

The New Question dialog window appears. There are ten question types available: true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, open response, fill in the blank, matching, date, short text, number, and hot spot.


The New Question dialog window will adjust according to the question type chosen. For more help with each question type, visit the following links:

Add a Question Block

Step Four:

Click the +New question block button at the bottom of the page.


Step Five:

The New Question Block dialog window appears. Enter a title and a description into the appropriate text boxes [1].

Select the desired settings [2]:

Option Function
Randomize question order within this block Questions in question blocks stay ordered and grouped together even if you selected to create multiple randomized forms in the Options tab. The order can only be randomized if this option is selected.
Restart question numbering The first question in the block will be listed as number one, regardless of where it is located in the exam.



Step Six:

Click Save.


Step Seven:

The question block appears in blue. Click the + button [1] that appears between the beginning and the end of the block and then the +New question button [2] that appears to add a new question to the block.


Note: Exam questions can be reordered. Click here for more information on reordering exams.


Step Eight:

Click Continue when finished with creating or editing questions.



Students cannot view the exam until it has been published. Exams are published on the Summary tab (click here for more information).

Note: You can navigate to any tab and change preferences after the exam has been created.


Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,