Reordering Assignments and Exams

Assignments and exams created in BYU Learning Suite that appear on the assignments page can be reordered at any time. You can reorder assignments within a category as well as move them to different categories.


Step One:

Log in to your Learning Suite course and click Assignments in the Course Home navigation menu.


Step Two:

Hover over the assignment and click and hold, then drag and drop the assignment to a new location.

A green box in the background signifies where the assignment’s new location will be within the list.

Note: The due dates of assignments will not automatically be adjusted if assignments or exams are placed out of order in regards to due date. These will have to be manually edited by clicking Edit next to the assignment.


If moving assignments or exams from a graded category to an ungraded category, the assignment or exam will automatically be changed to ungraded. Notice below that the grade under the % of Total column is blank for the category. This means that any assignments within that category will not be counted towards students’ final grade.


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